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BCAA Xplode 280g



BCAA Xplode 280g

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1. What is BCAA Xplode? Amino acids of the real masters!

The BCAA Xplode dietary supplement is a concentrated dose of the three most-important exogenous amino acids in the diet of people practicing sports, supplemented with an effective amount of L-glutamine. The formula of the preparation has been devoid of sugar, which allows the product to be used both during the process of building lean muscle mass and during weight loss. The high quality of the raw materials used, and modern technology – this is the guarantee of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand!

2. The composition of Olimp BCAA Xplode Powder

Every enthusiast of physical activity is aware of the role of protein in the diet. Proteins, in turn, are made up of compounds called amino acids. An example is the BCAA complex consisting of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are essential ingredients in the diet of every human being, which must be supplied to the body from external sources. Although they occur naturally in food, their amounts are not sufficient to cover the increased demand presented by those practicing sports.

The BCAA Xplode formula has been supplemented by the addition of another, but equally important, amino acid – L-glutamine. It is a popular ingredient of supplements for people doing sports, whose task is to enhance the properties of BCAA amino acids and to guarantee the person practicing sports even-more effects from the diet, and many hours of workouts.

3. How does BCAA Xplode Powder work?

Effects and properties BCAA Xplode is a preparation whose effect is aimed at supporting the building of lean muscle mass and the body shapes you dream of. The applied dose of as much as 6 g of BCAA allows the easier building of impressive muscle mass, as well as the reduction of signs of excessive overtraining. L-glutamine, on the other hand, facilitates more-precise and intensive transporting of nitrogen to your muscles 2. This, in turn, creates the ideal conditions for shaping an impressive body, achieving even-better training results, and more-effective work on your condition.

By choosing BCAA Xplode from Olimp you can expect:
1. The supplementation of your daily diet with a package of the most important amino acids
2. The intensification of the synthesis reaction and the reduction of micro-injuries during intensive physical activity
3. Better nutrition of muscles and creation of favorable conditions for building muscles

4. BCAA Xplode supplementation – how do you use it?

Observe the manufacturer’s recommendations for the maximum effects which can be expected as a result of using BCAA Xplode. Olimp recommends taking 1 to 2 portions a day during the day, before or after the workout, before meals, or before the planned sleep. Every single dose of BCAA Xplode should be dissolved in 200 ml of cold water and consumed immediately after preparation.

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